Welcome to the first official Ruby Rinekso website.

(At least i think it is!)

Now, just who the hell am I?

Well,... here's the "get-to-know-me" part.
Some of you may know me as the lead guitarist of KISSNATION, NYC's tribute to KISS. We are one of the world's most renowned KISS tribute bands. Performing as "Space Ace Frehley" along with my bandmates, I've been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to travel the country, entertaining thousands of fans while paying homage to my favorite band in the world,... KISS.

Based out of New York City, the same city that brought the world KISS,
KISSNATION has been on the tribute scene for nearly a decade. They have worked with the KISS camp on many projects, including KISS toy lines and promotions, such as the KISS Box Set, Gene Simmons autobiography & Tongue magazine, as well as working closely with Silvertone guitars in promoting their Paul Stanley guitar line.

KISSNATION is the perfect band for fundraisers, promotions, film & TV extras, private parties and live concerts. Look us up!


Cosplay & Costume Character Appearances. I am also an avid costumer that has been making costume appearances as different characters for several years. Some of my characters include, Batman (Both the classic 60's version and modern day film version), The Hulk, Chewbaca, and Spiderman to name a few. Having done appearnces for TV, private parties, film openings and other special events, I've also traveled all around the country attending sci/fi, comicbook, pop culture conventions and have met alot of great people. You can see a link to some of my favorite costumes here. I own all costumes shown and have built many of them from the ground up. If you'd like me to appear at a certain function of yours, please let me know!

So, you might be wondering, with all this crazy stuff, how do I actually put clothes on my back and food on my tiny living room table,... well I am a Graphic Designer. That is how I've been basically making a living for more years than I'd care to discuss. Through my years as a designer, I have worked in various industries including publishing and advertising. If you'd like to see my professional portfolio, you can do so

Thanks for stopping by. On this site, Ill continuously post news on all the other ridicuous things I'm into. (I'm a comic book geek, movie buff and toy collector as well).
 To visit KISSNATION: NYC's Tribute to KISS, click the logo below...